Dear producers/sellers,

We are happy to offer you free advertising space on our site, on main page as well as on the single products pages. You have a chance to insert your own banner in place of the “Advertise Your Product Here” banner (see below). That’s not all, you will also get a product page and a nice/fair review of your product.

Advertise here banner

Your banner will replace this one, on either our home page, or the product page (ALL products)

Therefore, to be able to get the as space for FREE, we must first review your product.

How it works

  1. Contact us and let us know of your intentions (we will inform you of the receiver’s name/address)
  2. Deliver the product to the address you were informed
  3. As soon as we’ll check/test the product, your banner will be place instead of ours


  • These is a first come, first served service. The first advertiser will get his banner on the home page (unless otherwise specified), while the second will get his on the product page. Also, if the space is already taken, the next advertisers will queue until their turn will come
  • Each ad will be displayed for a period of one month. After that they will be removed to be replaced with the next ones
  • Ads links and banners can be chosen by advertiser, but do mind that we do not accept links and banners for adults only
  • The advertiser will not get the product back. This (the reviewed product) will be kept, used however we’ll decide to or donated
  • We do accept any type of product, and we will do our best to review it from all aspects (manufacture, performance, looks, price etc), except adults only products such as sex toys

If you have any other questions, feel free to use the email above and contact us.

Thank you.

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